here's where i'll be posting all my illustrations, paper cuts, wips, doodles and other arty things. enjoy :D

i haven’t really done anything productive in a loooong time

but i’ve been working on these love live/monster hunter crossover chibis! it’s an odd combination but it’s been a lot of fun so far!

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another commission i completed earlier in the week!

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another commission! yay!

it’s for a friend to give as a gift to her two other friends who are a couple and also have their birthday on exactly the same day?? crazy! but really cute at the same time! i really hope they like it !

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i’m working on a comic…. of sorts…. with my boyfriend as the writer !

and here’s the design for my leading lady! she’s a sexy witch, as you can probably see

i will probably not be posting much else from the comic onto this blog… because i have it linked to facebook and that could be kinda awkward


hey, look! more example art! 

but yea.. still incredibly poor on my minimum wage in retail so i could use any help i can get to enjoy even a few luxuries like… ya know, eating

i’m pretty open-minded so i will happily draw most things! original characters, fanart, pokemon, ponies, animal crossing. and please note that these are base prices! i’m not gonna charge someone £11 just for a picture of jigglypuff or whatever.

my commissions do branch out from the examples shown here too! i also do digital paintings, something like this one here (slight blood/gore #tw). it’ll be £25.00 for a bust and £30.00 for full body.

i will do smut too, but only stuff i feel comfortable with drawing. you can send me an ask to see my nsfw art blog to give you some examples if you like! for solo that will be £15.00 (lineart), £17.00 (flat colour), £22.00 (full colour), £35.00 (digital painting). any other characters could just be the same as the base prices above.  i will do slightly cropped and/or suggestive stuff for a little less though :)

i also do animated gifs! i’m a little rusty with my animation skills but it’s something i’m working on.the prices for those will completely depend on how much you want done. if you wanted a single chibi character like the one in this will probably be about £17.00! please, just ask for any more information! prices can be pretty negotiable! 

payment will be sent through paypal, and if you are interested or just have any questions (if you want anything and you’re unsure of the price, all you need to do is ask), just send me a message either on here or (preferably) through email at 

more examples will be on this blog!

thank you for taking your time to read this and any help would be so appreciated! if you could please reblog this and spread the word around i would be forever grateful too! thank you again!

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commission for a-papergirl for her best friend azurefelis, with him and his insert character from his adorable comic birdwrong - reenacting that one scene from my neighbor totoro :D

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i really like drawing chibis recently so i decided on a little mini project of drawing my friends in famous anime poses

kati is doing sailor moon’s “oshiokiyo” and harley is k-on’s “moe moe kyun”

it’s a lot of fun and i plan on doing a few more!

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there was a number of things i was planning on drawing today

a self-indulgent doodle of myself was not one of them

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finally finished this corpse party digital paint!

i think mayu’s death in book of shadows is probably my favorite in all of the series so far (not counting the wrong ends obviously). the entire concept of her death in this part is TERRIFYING. and i really hope i captured the absolute horror in her face as she realises her body is literally tearing itself apart.

i can’t wait to cosplay mayu too and reenact this scene! aaaaaah

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i actually drew this before episode 24??? i just wanted them to live in a world where they can wear cute clothes and have a nice time

and my wish came true?!?!?!

my angels

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